Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Teach the Controversy

I've blogged about Jeremy of Amorphia Apparel before, when he launched his new Science! range. But he's come to realize that he shouldn't let modern science tell its side of the story without extending the same opportunity to other points of view. That's why he's created a new set of designs, which are available on his new Teach the Controversy site. As the site explains, these are:

'Intelligently designed t-shirts urging you to show both sides of every story.'

Austinites can expect to see me sporting the turtle design, in the interests of keeping an open mind of course, in the new Semester.

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This made my day.
Those are some sweet designs. I recently saw your last post on Amorpia apparel and bought a few of his older shirts. Next time I'm in Austin I will be sporting one of his "Science!" shirts.
I only have one of his t-shirts now, since one was sadly removed from my local laundry facilities. I haven't got any of the Science! ones yet, but I have my eye on the 'alternative fuel' one. Which one did you get?
I got the guitar playing robot Science! shirt and the "I regret nothing" shirt. They seem like quality shirts.
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