Tuesday, November 13, 2007


And so we watch the sun come up from the edge of the deep green sea...

I'm stuck at home, sick and unable to eat, so I'm not feeling up to a substantial post. But here's a roundup of things going on online I'd like to point people to. I hope that keeps any Norwegians who are reading happy enough until I can write a proper post.

Firstly, Jon Cogburn has a timeline of horrible moments in the history of philosophy, as well as a Sorites series of types of irritating professors.

Readers from Austin will be familiar with the work of Jeremy, mastermind behind Amorphia Apparel. Well, he's got a new site up, this time devoted to Science! t-shirts. In Jeremy's own words:

"In this case the theme is Science! which is like the mad and absurd version of mere 'science'. Obviously this spin-off is based on my recent (and unusually successful) 'science robot' design, so think of it as Baywatch Nights to my Baywatch, Knots Landing to my Dallas, Joey to my Friends or Empty Nest to my Golden Girls... Hrrrrm, upon careful consideration perhaps this isn't the best way to convince you to visit."

I've continued to receive suggestions for the Philosophy Job Market and Publishing Advice page, so it's worth checking back from time to time. And, of course, I welcome further suggestions.

For those of you looking for philosophical nourishment, Andreas has started a series of posts reporting from what looked like an absurdly good conference on context-sensitivity in Paris (disambiguate as you see fit). His first post in the series is on Stalnaker's keynote speech.

Lastly, I've been slightly obsessed recently with 'From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea' by the Cure. For the uninitiated, here it is:

That's all for now. I'll try to have a post up on Stanley and Szabo's 'On Quantifier Domain Restriction' up as soon as possible, though it'll have to wait until I'm feeling better - can't tackle Jason on an empty stomach, after all!


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