Monday, October 30, 2006



So this weekend has been the conference on justification, with participants from UT, from UNAM in Mexico City, and elsewhere. The main point of the conference was to forge ties between philosophers in South America and those in North America, and I think (and hope) that all involved were very pleased by the fruitfulness of the interaction that took place this weekend.

I also got to meet a bunch of people I've wanted to meet for a while. I met Matt Weiner and Clayton Littlejohn - I've often thought that it's a shame there isn't more interaction between the epistemologicists in Texas right now, and I'm delighted this event proved an opportunity to partially rectify that. I also got to talk to Rob Stainton for a while last night - I met Rob when I was at UWO to talk about set theory last spring, and it was good to get a chance to catch up with him. Rob was a postdoc at UNAM, and has remained committed to encouraging interaction between South- and North-American philosophers. And I got to have a very interesting conversation with Ernest Sosa about various topics in epistemology I've been thinking about, which was a complete pleasure. Thanks to all involved for a stimulating weekend, and to Mark, David, Nadia and Karen for all their efforts organising everything.

While I'm on the theme of conferences, I can reveal that the Faculty roundtable for this year's graduate conference will be on epistemic normativity, and will feature Dan Bonevac, Jonathan Dancy and David Sosa. The full CFP will be out very very soon; watch this space.

Via Ole, I see that the programme for the Arche graduate conference next month is now online. It looks great - I only wish I could be there for that and the Basic Knowledge workshop happening the week after. (Thanks to Ole for plugging our conference too)


"epistemologicists" is a great word
You know, I stared at that freakin' word for a while, trying to work out where I'd gone wrong, and eventually decided I was too tired to figure it out. The 'Scottish school' in philmath (as Burgess calls them) has flirted with various names - neo-fregeanism, neo-logicism, abstractionism - and perhaps I can offer them this as a new option.
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