Sunday, October 22, 2006



There's a bunch of interesting things coming up at UT Austin over the next while. Let me start by saying that the keynote speakers for this year's grad conference have been decided, and I'll post a preliminary announcement within the next couple of days (with a proper CFP to follow shortly after that).

This weekend there's a conference on Justification organised by Mark Sainsbury. Since there doesn't seem to be a schedule anywhere else online, here it is:

FRIDAY 10/27

9.15 Coffee
9.45 Welcome by David Sosa

10-11.30 Pedro Stepanenko (response: Cory Juhl)

'A non-representationist interpretation of Kant's position against skepticism'

11.45-1 Jonathan Sutton (response: Claudia Lorena Garcia)

'There are no rational pairs of contradictory beliefs (whatever some philosophers of language say)'

1-2 Lunch

2.15-3.15 Angeles Erana

'The dual system theory: a way to bridge the gap between internalism and externalism'

3.30-5 Ernest Sosa

'The epistemology of disagreement'


9.30 Coffee

10-11.30 Miguel Angel Fernandez (response: David Sosa)

'Internalist intuitions, the metaphysics of supervenience and the explanatory demands of epistemic defeat'

11.45-1 Sergio Martinez and Huang Xiang (response: Josh Dever)

'Implications of content-externalism for justification-externalism'

1-2 Lunch

2-3 Matt Weiner

'How to think about justification'

3.15-4.15 Jorge Ornelas

'Pyrrhonism and Externalism'

4.30-5.30 Jim Hankinson


I'm looking forward to having Ernest Sosa in town, and I've been trying to get Matt Weiner down here for about a year now, so I'm pleased that has worked out so well. But most intriguing of all is what's going to happen between 2 and 2.15 on Friday.......

Then on the 3rd-5th of November there's the Texas Lingusitics Society 10, organised by (amongst others) Elias Ponvert and Alexis Palmer. It's not really on a topic I know anything about, so I'm not sure how much of it I'll go to. But Mark Liberman of Language Log fame is giving a talk, so I'll at least be at that and any others that sound both interesting and managable.


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