Sunday, July 06, 2008


What Computer Proofs Don't Tell Us

Kenny has an interesting post over at Antimeta on an old paper of Tyler Burge's on apriority and computer proofs, and there's an interesting exchange with Carrie Jenkins in the comment thread. I've never got around to reading that paper, though it seems of a piece with 'Content Preservation' and other papers of that period.

But what I want to know is why my map of the world shower curtain, which uses six colours to represent political regions, has Chile and Peru both orange.

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I guess they figured you'd buy it just from looking at the Amazon image and never see the problem in their coloring. But still, given the fact that Chile is only adjacent to three countries, and Peru is only adjacent to five, the fact that they're using six colors means that they could have changed either one to avoid that clash. They obviously didn't have a computer check their construction, but they probably should have. (Or maybe they had a very poorly-checked computer check their construction, like these people did.)
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