Saturday, July 19, 2008


NYU PhilMath Conference Date Change

As Justin has pointed out, the philosophy of maths conference he and Shieva are organizing has been shifted from October to April 10-12 2009. Check out the website of the conference here.


Which now means the final date for registrations appears to be the 31st of February. Should we tell them . . .?
Things work differently in New York...
Ha! Yeah, I guess I'm unfamiliar with the 'In New York . . .' operator. At least now I can manage the 'In Australia . . .' operator (i.e. negation).
The date for the conference has changed again (hopefully for the last time). It's April 3rd-5th now, to avoid both Easter and the Pacific APA. The registration deadline remains fixed, though.

Thanks for advertising the conference!
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