Thursday, May 01, 2008


Year Three

Shawn has declared victory over his second year at Pitt. I guess I can claim victory over my third at UT. I certainly couldn't claim I've managed to make it through while maintaining a prolific philosophy blog; on the contrary, there's been a rather pathetic trickle of posts of late, most of which have failed to deliver any substantial philosophy at all. For those who are interested, here's a roundup of some this last semester, which may go some way towards explaining the dearth of posts here:

My rubbish HP laptop decided it was too good for this world the week before my prospectus had to be turned in.

UT Grad students did very well on the job market. Congratulations to Jack, Neil, Derek, Ben, Tracy and Connor!

UT hired Anna-Sara Malmgren, who is just finishing up her thesis at NYU (and who adds to UT's already considerable strengths in epistemologists with their own IMDb pages). I'm really pleased Anna-Sara has chosen to join the department here, as we all are.

We had another very successful graduate conference here, with David Chalmers, Tamar Gendler, and a host of interesting talks from graduate students. Errol Lord recently posted his reflections on the conference over on The Excluded Middle.

In the midst of all this, I somehow managed to get a prospectus written and defended. So now I need to think about actually writing a dissertation, which is scary. In any case, I should have a bit more time to post some philosophy up here, so keep watching the skis.....I mean skies....


That sounds like a busy term. Congrats on finishing the prospectus. Do you think you'll be putting up some dissertation related material in the near future or is it going to be entirely offline?

I went to a dissertation defense today. It struck me that I will be expected to write one (after the prospectus hurdle) and it made me a bit worried. They are kind of scary things. It sounds like your grads are doing really well on the job front. That probably cuts down on some of the anxiety.

After that rough semester are you getting a vacation?
Hi Shawn, how's Japan?

I'm somewhat inclined to keep dissertation related material offline, for the most part. I like throwing up ideas and getting quick feedback, but thesis-stuff I tend to feel differently about. But we'll see how things go.

I'm getting a little bit of a break, which mostly involves doing all the stuff I wasn't able to do this semester, like work on the knowledge how stuff. But it's definitely less stressful.
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