Monday, April 21, 2008


Logical Pluralism in Tartu

You've probably already seen this on blogs that get updated a bit more often, but....


27-31 August 2008, University of Tartu, Estonia

Daniel Cohnitz (University of Tartu)
Peter Pagin (Stockholm University)
Marcus Rossberg (Arché, University of St Andrews)


JC Beall (Connecticut)
Manuel Bremer (Düsseldorf)
Hartry Field (NYU)
Per Martin-Löf (Stockholm)
Peter Pagin (Stockholm)
Nikolaj Jang Pedersen (UCLA)
Dag Prawitz (Stockholm)
Graham Priest (Melbourne)
Agustín Rayo (MIT)
Stephen Read (St Andrews)
Greg Restall (Melbourne)
Marcus Rossberg (St Andrews)
Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State)
Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam / Stanford)
Dag Westerståhl (Gothenburg)

The conference will take place in Tartu, Estonia, from August 27-31
2008. For more information, please go here.

Everyone interested is invited to participate. To plan the event,
however, we would need your registration by July 1, 2008.

Please send us an email to

Participants are responsible for making their own travel and
accommodation arrangements. However, we have reserved some places in
a nearby student dormitory. Please indicate in your registration when
you are interested in staying at the student dormitory.

The conference is sponsored by the Swedish Bank Tercentenary Fund.


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