Sunday, December 09, 2007


Semantics and Philosophy in Europe

There are definitely some big advantages to living in Texas. It's mid-December, and it's in the 70s outside. Plus, as many Brits over here have observed before me, Thanksgiving really is a great holiday. Until we get some equivalent on the other side of the Pond, this seems like the right place to be.

That said, every so often I do see things going on which make me wish I was able to spend more time in Europe. And my attention has been drawn to the new annual colloquium Semantics and Philosophy in Europe. The first event is being held in Paris (a city I have yet to see, and am starting to think I'll never get to see) on May 2-4 2008.

There's a CFP up for the first meeting, which will feature, amongst others, Herman Cappelen, Robert May, Stephen Neale and Zoltan Szabo as invited speakers. Obviously this is a wonderful opportunity, so get your submissions in by February 15th!

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