Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Semantics and Pragmatics

I can't resist reminding you of your horoscope.....

Via Brit and David I see that Semantics and Pragmatics - the new open-access journal edited by David Beaver and Kai von Fintel - is now online and ready to accept submissions. David and Kai have clearly put a lot of thought into this, so I'll be interested to follow the project's progress. Hopefully it'll inspire some further open-access philosophy journals to sit alongside the fantastic Philosopher's Imprint.

This blog has continued to remain very quiet, and it's likely to stay that way through December I'm afraid. But I do anticipate things changing in the new year. I'd particularly like to finish my series of posts on Jason Stanley's Language in Context, and by then I'll have had a chance to read the new Cappelen and Lepore book. So posting will continue to be sporadic for the next month, but I anticipate there being much more life here next semester.

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Another great open-access journal to add to the list:

Australasian Journal of Logic
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