Friday, October 05, 2007


Grice on the Goals of Philosophy

Here is a lovely quote from the closing paragraph of Grice's 'Postwar Oxford Philosophy' on the goals of philosophy:

'They want philosophy to be grand, to yield one important, nonempirical information which will help one to solve either the world's problems or one's personal problems, or both. To them I feel inclined to reply in the end: "You are crying for the moon; philosophy has never really fulfilled this task, though it may sometimes have appeared to do so (and the practical consequences of its appearing to do so have not always been very agreeable). It is no more sensible to complain that philosophy is no longer capable of solving practical problems than it is to complain that the study of the stars no longer enables one to predict the course of world events."'

(Studies in the Way of Words: 179-80)


It IS IS IS IS a beautiful passage. I have commented on it, independently, I think, after I saw it cited by Uschanov in his book. You're welcome to GriceClub.Blogspot anyday. (I think I have 'astronomy' 'astrology' in title of that blog post!).

It is a devil to analyse, too! That passage.


J. L. Speranza
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