Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Philosophy Job Market and Publishing Advice

This has been doing the rounds a little in more restricted circles this morning while I sought some feedback on whether it was a good idea. But the reaction has already been very favourable, so I thought it was time to share........

There's a lot of advice and information up on the web about the philosophy job market and about trying to get published as a graduate student in philosophy, but it's really scattered. It struck me that there should be a webpage where all of the relevant links are assembled in the one place - as a piece of non-linguistic division of labour, so to speak. So I've created such a page:

Philosophy Job Market and Publishing Advice

Now, Derek Ball pointed out to me that Gualtiero Piccinini has a similar page on his homepage, and on the blog Brains. I have no desire to step on any toes, but I'm hoping having a page more focused on the specific concerns of grad students - job market and publishing - will be helpful. Piccinini's page features (very useful!) links to advice on getting into grad schools and writing philosophy papers in addition to jobs and publishing, but these won't be of much concern to my target audience, who are already past that stage. My aim is to more comprehensively cover the more specific concerns of grad students.

I hope people find the page of some use. Details of how to make suggestions concerning additions can be found by following the link above.


If it helps, I've been culling together links like this on my delicious page for a while:

I used to have a link to it from my blog, but took it down since I don't get that much traffic from fellow students.
This looks excellent, Aidan. Thanks! BTW, when are we going to have the pleasure of seeing you in your native country again?
Thanks Colleen, I've added a link to your page at the top now. (Sorry it's taken so long, it got just got temporarily lost in all my other tasks this week).
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