Friday, August 31, 2007


So this is the new year.....

Well, the new term at UT has started at last. So far I've had Semantics and Pragmatics with David Beaver, Language Acquisition with Robert Meier, and I've been sitting in on Philosophy of Language with Ray, who we just hired out of NYU. I'm finally trying to take seriously my chosen topic, which is more or less the epistemology of language. So I'm taking lots of linguistics again. Ray's class is mostly just for fun - he's fast becoming one of my favourite people to talk philosophy with, and as an added bonus, he's covering a lot of material I don't know all that well, including a lot of Grice. It's shaping up to be a busy but very interesting semester, I think.

I always find Summer the toughest time to keep the blog going. I know a lot of bloggers who just go on hiatus, but I've tried to avoid that when possible - it makes it all the harder to build up any momentum. On the other hand, hardly anyone reads what you write over summer, and there's always other things one could be doing than writing posts noone will read. Anyways, I'm going to endeavor to post much more now term's underway, starting with my twin posts on knowability earlier this week.

On a different topic, I'm intrigued by this new OUP collection of philosophers discussing atheism. There are some names which will already be familiar to readers of this blog, but mostly for other reasons: my teacher at St Andrews, Stewart Shapiro, contributes the opening piece, and Jamie Tappenden, Ken Taylor, Simon Blackburn and David Lewis show up, amongst others. (HT: Logic Matters)

Stewart also seems to have a new paper coming out with William Taschek in JPHIL called 'Cognitive Command and Excluded Middle', which sounds right up my street. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be an online version up anywhere.


Glad to hear that posting is going to be up at your place. I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things soon too. The summer is so quiet online.

I took David Beaver's Semantics Pragmatics class a couple of years ago. He is a good teacher. From Ray's website, it sounds like his interests are fairly relevant to yours. It's lucky he's there. You have quite a philosophy of language contingent down in Austin. Good luck with the work.
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