Thursday, May 17, 2007


Overly Strong Statement of the Day 3

Ok, so this probably isn't enough of a regular feature to warrant it having a name which, well, suggests so strongly that it's a regular (in fact, daily) feature. But nevermind.

Tony Blair is stepping down at the end of June, and the issue of his successor naturally enough came to the fore. Labour MPs were to nominate candidates for the leadership race, and in the event of such a race, the party as a whole would vote on who should be leader. As it happened, it didn't get that far; none of the other candidates got the requisite 45 nominations to run in a party-wide election against the favourite, Gordon Brown (who got 313 nominations). So Gordon Brown will take over 10 Downing Street, without there being an election.

John McDonnell, who fancied himself as the most serious challenger to Brown, got only 29 nominations, nowhere near enough to trigger an election. McDonnell described the result as 'a blow to democracy'.


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