Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Philosophy TAing

Lewis hits the nail on the head.



Do UT grad students get to teach their own courses?
Yes, after 4 semesters as a TA, you can get promoted to teach your own classes.

Btw, I hope it was ok that I didn't reply to your post about the liar. I did read it over, but by that point someone seemed to have answered your concern.
i'd like to let you know i've posted the comic up, with a midterm survey response that basically says i am the worst TA ever, in our grad space.

NP. I figured that was the case.

I'm curious, how many undergraduates are in a philosophy course at UT. My brother is an undergrad there, and his dorm has its own zip code. I went to a small liberal arts college, and we never had more than 10 students in a class. I'm guessing that a large university like Texas must have over 100.
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