Tuesday, December 12, 2006


One Year Old Today!

So today is the first birthday of this blog. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who's supported it; regular readers, occasional visitors, and most of all, those who've helped me out by leaving comments. There's been just over 10,000 hits to this blog since the counter started exactly 7 months ago today, which is a lot more than I ever expected. I've upgraded to Blogger Beta in celebration, though I don't quite know what that means yet (and many of my fellow philosophy bloggers have had some issues with the new version).

Some other bits of news. Regular philosophy blogging will resume soon - my last task of the semester will be completed as of tomorrow. At the moment, there's also a workshop organized by Josh Dever on Epistemic Modals happening here, so that's been swallowing a lot of my time the past couple of days too. It's been great fun though; among others, we've had Kent Bach, Thony Gillies, Michael Glanzberg, Jonathan Vogel, Kai von Fintel and Steve Yablo visiting.

My copy of Dummett's new book finally arrived this afternoon, so I'm hoping that'll give me some new stuff to write about. Here's a taster, from the preface:

'I must emphasize that, on a justificationist view, there may be gaps in reality, but we cannot know that there are. If there are, then I suppose that God must know that there are, and then, presumably, the divine logic is, as I suggested, a three-valued rather than an intuitionist one. If there are no such gaps, so that every intelligible question has an answer, then the divine logic is classical. That seems to me a satisfying conclusion: classical logicians reason as if they were God; they are therefore guilty of overweening presumption.' (ix)

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Congratulations! Which Dummett book is that? I didn't see one when I poked around on Amazon earlier. I've just started getting into Dummett, so there's a good chance I'll have some posts on him up on my blog next term.
Thanks Shawn. The new Dummett book is Thought and Reality.

I've no idea if it's any good yet. It's only a hundred pages, so I'll have it read in the next few days.

I'm about to start writing a paper on realism/anti-realism at last, so I'll look forward to seeing what you have to say.
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