Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Promises promises...

My brain has turned to mush from marking a ton of essays on sheep-grazing rights (the general topic is the tragedy of the commons, before you ask). I'll resume proper posting once it's started to solidify a bit. In particular, I want to try return to the stuff about the acquisition challenge that was bugging me a few weeks ago, and which I left completely unresolved. Part of the reason I haven't attempted to get any further with this stuff is that we're reading Alex Miller's 'What is the Acquisition Argument?' this week, and I wanted to have that under my belt before I said any more on the topic so I've been hanging back. But I'm hoping to have a clearer grip on things soon. Hoping.

Keith Hossack (KCL) is in town this week, offering a positive solution to the Sorites paradox, an objection to epistemicism, and an account of knowledge by testimony. I'm really looking forward to all three talks. But philosophical interest aside, it's nice to hear another Scottish accent in Texas...

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