Friday, August 04, 2006


New Leeds Blog

I spent much of this summer writing a paper to be submitted this week to various graduate conferences. Dissappointingly, I spotted a technical mistake a couple of days ago which has turned out to vitiate the main point I was trying to make. Obviously I'm glad to have clocked it before all the submission dates passed, but it's meant trying to salvage something in time for the Rochester and Brown deadlines tomorrow. I'll try get back to regular blogging once that's off my plate.

In the meantime, I've just spotted that three young metaphysicians at Leeds have just started a new blog, Metaphysical Values. Robbie Williams and Ross Cameron were Arche PhD students during my undergrad and masters, and Andrew McGonigal (who I can only assume is the Andrew posting there) has always impressed me when he's visited St Andrews. It'll be interesting to see what the three (or two if your criterion of identity says that Robbie = Ross) of them have to say.


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