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Like Andreas, I've discovered that the topics I've wanted to blog about have been much broader than I thought they were going to be. Originally this blog was going to be predominantly philosophy of language, and this was reflected in the name and the description. Much to my surprise, most of my posts have been about epistemology, with occasional forays into vagueness, philosophy of maths and logic, and complete nonsense (of the sort that even the early Wittgenstein wouldn't have approved).

Now, I don't have any inclination whatsoever to change the name of this blog, which comes from the Frege's Puzzle inspired Death Cab for Cutie song 'Different Names for the Same Thing':

'Alone on a train aimless in wonder
An outdated map crumpled in my pocket
But I didn't care where I was going
'Cause they're all different names for the same place.

The coast disappeared when the sea drowned the sun
And I knew no words to share with anyone
The boundaries of language I quietly cursed
And all the different names for the same thing'

But it has struck me that the description I've had up of the blog - 'language-oriented philosophy from the lone star state' - has to go. So for the moment I'm going to go with a wonderful quote from Davidson which reflects the move away from a focus on language. It's an exciting time here at 'the boundaries of language'.

While I'm pointlessly navel-gazing, another change you may have noticed is I've added one of those little maps that charts where in the world hits to this blog come from. It's been pretty surprising so far; I thought it would just be Texas, St Andrews and California, but even in the few days it's been running there's been hits from various places in Europe and beyond, and the east coast of America. So on the tendentious assumption that these haven't been people mistakenly directed here when they googled unusual phrases, let me say welcome, and offer a promise to resume posting proper philosophy soon.

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin..............


Hehe. Nice song.

Where did you get that map? I WANT one, although I already have stats that show where people are surfing from. The strangest one must be the time I had a visit from someone in Malaysia...
I was also quite surprised when I started tracking my readers in November using Google analytics. My most surprising one was someone from Mali, in west Africa! It's also surprising that there's always a couple from Latin America, India, and southeast Asia every week or two.
Kenny: You're just showing off now..........

Oh, and please say hi to Katie S for me. I sadly didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her.

Andreas: just in case you haven't already figured it out, click on my map, and then there's a 'get on' option at the top of the screen.
K: Oh, and enjoy FEW!
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