Tuesday, February 14, 2006



Thanks to all involved at the UCLA/USC conference, especially the steering committee, for making it stimulating and a lot of fun. Particular thanks to Robert Shanklin for kindly putting me up and driving me around L.A. Lewis Powell has already put up the photos he took at the event.

I've just read via Leiter Reports the sad news that Sir Peter Strawson passed away on Monday. It seems fitting that the final session of the L.A. conference on Sunday, discussing Daniel Rothschild's interesting paper 'Negative Polarity and Definite Descriptions', focused largely on issues about presupposition and assertion that only began to receive the attention they deserved after Strawson's classic 1950 article 'On Referring'.

The Times obituary is here.

Update: Brian Weatherson has links to obituaries over on TAR. Jason Stanley has some poignant reflections on Strawson's influence on philosophy in the latter half of the 20th century, and on his own personal philosophical development here.

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