Monday, April 03, 2006


UT conference lineup

I gather we're still finalising the schedule for the grad conference, but it seems time to post a list of student papers and respondents for those who are interested:

Elia Zardini (St. Andrews) - 'Truth and What is Said', comments by Julie Hunter (UT Austin)

Josh Rasmussen (Notre Dame) - 'Mind-Body Supervenience's Cardinal Sin', comments by Tristan Johnson (UT Austin)

Stephen Kearns (Oxford) - 'Against Universalism', comments by Dan Korman (UT Austin)

Kenny Easwaran (Berkeley) - 'The Uniformity of Knowledge Attributions', comments by me

Russell Marcus (CUNY) - 'Three Grades of Instrumentalism', comments by Bryan Pickel (UT Austin)

Michael Allers (Michigan Ann Arbor) - 'Bruce: A Predicate', comments by Malte Willer (UT Austin)

Luke Potter (Notre Dame) - 'Sameness without Identity', comments by Briggs Wright (UT Austin)

While I'm on the subject of grad conferences, a quick thank you to all involved in the Manhattan conference this weekend, particularly Alex Madvi at Columbia for putting me up and putting up with me. It's been a blast.


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